your safety, our endeavour


de-a-nay is committed to undertaking every task to the best of it’s ability taking into account. at all times,  specific client requirements, environmental impact, cost, any time constraints imposed and achievable  quality service levels.

de-a-nay recognizes the importance of building long term customer relationships and mutual trust as being the basis to forming a foundation upon which such relationships can be reinforced and which result in the business growing in a predetermined way.

And de-a-nay goes one step further, following up every visit to ensure that the problem/fault has been fixed, is secure and locked down tight. Not only the company, but the individual representing the company takes ownership of your problem/fault and treats it as if it were their own, dealing with you directly on a more personal basis until the matter is completely resolved.


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Ever since it’s inception in 1994 de-a-nay has endeavoured to develop and improve service levels to it's customers.

de-a-nay’s underlying strength has been to build and nurture trust and good customer relationships by providing consistency in quality,  reliability,  communications,  “front to end” project management,  and dedicated  “Total Packaged Service Contracts” designed to underpin the safety, warmth and reliability of customer living and working lifestyle environments.