property annual service level agreement


  1. 24/7 Contact & Response via dedicated

  1. Free telephone advice about any mechanical or electrical concern you might have.

  1. Faster response than all of our competitors. (Real emergency response)

  1. Unlimited call outs for gas and heating problems or faults.

  1. Unlimited call outs for plumbing and waste system faults.

  1. Unlimited call outs for electrical  faults.

  1. Unlimited call outs for a blocked drain on your property for which you are solely responsible.

  1. Unlimited call outs for  faults on (Kitchen white goods) appliances under five years old.

  1. Unlimited call outs for blockages or failure of rain water down pipes or soil pipes problems.

  1. Annual boiler and gas appliance service included.

  1. Annual Landlords Gas Safety Certificate provided where applicable.

  1. A single point of contact for all your maintenance and repair needs.

  1. Your insurance excess can be met by de-a-nay. Where De-A-nay is employed to undertake insurance repair works. not covered by the Pasla contract. de-a-nay will contribute 10% of the net invoice labour value up to a maximum equal to your insurance excess.

  1. A friendly voice and face,  and a local business who cares what you think.

  1. Property service report can be provided where applicable in the event that you wish to sell your property.

  1. Option to transfer your Pasla Contract to your new property should you wish to move house during the term. (Subject to your proposed move not being outside our service area.)

  1. Option to transfer the Pasla contract to a prospective  buyer of your home (providing you with a unique selling point) and showing any prospective buyer that your property is well maintained.

  1. As a pasla customer you will be entitled to a 15% discount off the  cost of replacing your boiler. Further annual fuel bills savings of up to 40% can be realised when replacing an old boiler for a new condensing unit.

  1. You will also be entitled to a 15% discount of the cost for an Electrical Periodic Test & Inspection Certificate should you require it. (See Our Fees & Charges under Electrical Services)

  1. De-A-nay will act as your Agent and liaise with your Water, Gas or Electricity Utility  provider should a problem exist with any part of the installation for which they are responsible. And chase until the problem has been satisfactorily resolved.

  1. Two yearly visual inspection of plumbing and electrical installation.