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property annual service level agreement


The aim of the PASLA Contract is to minimise down time and inconvenience to you for domestic electrical, mechanical and water systems servicing your home by providing continued maintenance, efficient operation, good advise and communications, and reliable emergency backup cover and support.

A targeted maximum 24 hour response time is set in place to attend any issue from the moment a message is left, email sent or call answered. Further, the aim is to respond within 4hrs in circumstances where the problem potentially poses a risk to persons and/or  damage to your property,  and within two hours where actual damage or risk to persons is evident if allowed to continue incessantly and remain unchecked. In all three cases, De-A-nay will provide you with immediate advice over the telephone to help safeguard you against any unnecessary damage or risk,  and subsequently attend site within the time agreed or convenient for you,  and within a maximum two hour time period for emergencies (this could be within the hour) should the emergency dictate that immediate attention is necessary.

Unlimited call outs:

A  PASLA  Contract will cover the cost of all labour and includes for unlimited number of call outs during the contract period for the following:-

1.0 Gas,  Gas Boiler & Gas Appliances:

1.0 Gas hob, oven, cooker, boiler, instantaneous hot water heater & fires.
1.0 Gas soundness check.
1.0 Full annual boiler service at a convenient am/pm time and date.
1.0 Landlord’s  Gas Safety Certificate supplied where applicable.
1.0 Instantaneous gas water heater full annual service where applicable.
1.0 Gas fire and/or DFE annual service where applicable.
1.0 Heating and hot water controls including pump and motorised valves.
1.0 Repair of any defect in the gas supply line situated down stream of the gas meter into your home. (NB: Should you experience or suspect a gas leak then report it immediately to The National Grid  (emergency telephone number: 0800 111 999) they may place a prohibition notice on your installation and cut you off if the leak is down stream of the meter. It will then be left to you to have the leak rectified and a soundness test carried out before the gas supply can be resumed.)

2.0 Water, Waste & Peripheral Heating Faults/Emergencies:

2.0 Radiators, heating pipes, cold water pipes. fittings and valves.
2.0 Hot water cylinder and immersion heater controls.
2.0 Problems with taps leaking. i.e faulty washers, “O” rings and fittings.
2.0 Feed and expansion tank: Ball valve, isolating valves and pipe/tank connections.
2.0 Cold water storage tanks: Ball valves, isolating valves and pipe/tank connections.
2.0 Defective overflow/warning pipes.
2.0 WC Problems:  Cistern malfunction, over flow, filling and flushing.
2.0 Burst pipe as a result of freezing.
2.0 Repair required as a result of accidental damage to water pipes.
2.0 Blockages to sink, basin, bath, shower tray and associated waste pipe extending into soil pipe, drain or gulley.
2.0 Two yearly visual inspection of the plumbing installation. (PASLA Contract running for two consecutive years)
2.0 Blockages to waste, soil pipe and drains both internal or external to the property (within the property boundary for which the house owner/landlord/tenant is responsible).
2.0 Blocked rain water down pipes.

3.0 Electrical Installation:
3.1    Short circuit, overload problems, and nuisance tripping.
3.2    Faulty Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) and  (Risidual Current Circuit Devices) RCCDs.
3.3    Faulty power circuits: socket outlets,  (Fuse Connection Units) FCUs, and isolators, 
3.4    Faulty lighting, Switch plates, roses or batten holders,
3.5    Earth faults.
3.6 Electrical connections associated with solar panels and/or wind turbines with outputs of less than 3kw. NB: Solar panels or wind turbines themselves are not covered.
3.6 Two yearly visual inspection of the electrical installation. (PASLA Contract running for two consecutive years)
3.6 de-a-nay will also carry out a full test & inspection of your electrical installation issuing you with a Periodic Report on completion should you require this or where the installation dictates a need for such a report. A 15% discount will be applied to the charge when commissioned during the term of  your PASLA  contract. (NB: Any work to upgrade the existing installation,  relating to non compliance and/or additions/extensions will be chargeable) .

4.0 Appliances:
4.1 All labour for repairs to kitchen appliance (white goods) of less than five years old. (Includes for: Cooker, separate oven, hob (gas or electric), free standing or integrated WM, DW, dryer, hob extractor. and electrical faults to fridge/freezer) Whilst this aspect of the contract does not cover the cost of replacement, it will help to ensure that key appliances continue to provide you or your tenants with the level of utility one would expect.
4.2 Unlimited call outs for faults on appliances (as listed in 4.1 above) less than five years old. (NB: Proof of purchase will be required).
4.3 Fitting Of New Replacement Appliances: Should an appliance require replacement (i.e. An appliance which is either older than five years and uneconomical to repair),  de-a-nay will fit the replacement appliance, as supplied by you or others,  at a discounted fixed cost of £50.00 at any time during the term of your PASLA contract.  It includes to connect and plumb in/out an appliance.  (NB: Integrated or counter top fitted appliances must fit into the exact same aperture/footprint and connect to the same power/gas/water supply points having appropriate means of isolation.) Should it not do so then de-a-nay will undertake the work to ensure that a replacement appliance can be fitted but for an additional charge to be agreed at the time. Of course de-a-nay will gladly provide advise prior to you making any purchase to help ensure that any replacement unit will fit into the same opening.
4.4 Any repair must however fall into the category of “economically viable”. What does this term actually mean?      de-a-nay makes a direct comparison between the replacement cost and the estimated cost of a repair, in addition to the benefit to be had from making a repair. For example it would not necessarily be prudent to make a repair on an appliance to extend it’s working life by only a few months. A repair must at least extend the life of the appliance by at least one year. If not,  then not only would the cost of such a repair be unreasonable but  further inconvenience to you in terms of additional down time will prevail, and this would in itself not warrant such an action. Conversely, it may be prudent to change a belt, a door release, a micro switch or clean the discharge line in the case of a WM or DW, and hence provide continued and convenient utility at reasonable cost.

5.0 Miscellaneous Items:
5.1 Public Liability Insurance: de-a-nay provides for a minimum of £2,000,000.00 (two million pounds) Public Liability Insurance.
5.2 Property Service Report:  Should you consider placing your property on the market for sale:  de-a-nay can provide, should you so desire, a “Property Service Report”. This report is aimed at helping you sell your property by adding value and providing you with a unique selling point.. Much like a car that has a full service history and looked after by the owner. It will indicate to the prospective buyer that you, as a house owner,  have carefully maintained and  looked  after the mechanical and electrical items in your home.  This in turn will help buyers in their decision making process when assessing and comparing your home to those of other sellers. It can also help them gauge how efficient your home is, in that it will (where applicable) highlight the key energy efficient facets of your home which help minimise fuel cost and any negative impact on the environment. Of course this can only be called upon where the unique selling points are real and in place.
5.3 Transfer of cover: Should you decide to sell your property mid term then you can elect to either transfer the PASLA Contract over to your new home (only if your new home falls within the PASLA service areas) or leave it to continue with the new home owner. The latter can act as a further incentive and/or form part of the property sale. In either case all you have to do is inform de-a-nay of your intention giving the necessary details for record purposes.
5.4 Representation:  de-a-nay will act as your Agent and liaise with your Water, Gas or Electricity Utility  provider should a problem exist with any part of the installation for which they are responsible.  For example: service heads/meters,  lateral cabling, governors, drains, pipes and/or valves etc, and  de-a-nay will follow through until the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction.
5.5 Accidental damage:  Normally covered by your contents or buildings insurance.  However, de-a-nay will be glad to deal with any emergency and subsequently undertake any remedial work outside the scope of the PASLA Contract. Should you elect to engage the services off de-a-nay to undertake insurance works,  de-a-nay will  make all the necessary  repairs (subject to a quotation being issued and agreed beforehand where necessary).
5.6 Insurance Excess:  Should you elect to engage the services of de-a-nay to undertake remedial repair work relating to property damage covered by your  household contents or buildings insurance,  de-a-nay will make a maximum payment to you equal  to your excess liability but not greater than 10% of the total net cost of repair.  In which case you can elect to: have a payment equal to this amount sent to you once payment has been received from your insurers in full,  have the sum deducted from an invoice issued to you directly,  or should you wish you can have the sum deducted from your annual renewal fee.  Of course any payment made by you or your insurers is subject to the remedial works being completed to your complete satisfaction
5.7 Discount Eligibility: Should your existing boiler be nearing the end of it’s natural service life,  you will be eligible to a 15% discount off the total  cost to replace it. This in turn could save you up to 40% off your annual gas bill. de-a-nay continuously aims to supply and fit only the best boilers on the market. In our view Worcester Bosch currently fit that bill.  However,  a number of other manufacturers are hard on their heals and we constantly assess the market for improvements and benefits to be had in using other manufacturers..
5.8 Ongoing Advise: You can call at any time to seek advise about any aspect of your electrical or mechanical services and/or appliances. Irrespective of how trivial it may seem. An answer to a simple question may save you money in fuel cost, or enable you to gain more from an appliance. You might just need some direction on how to operate an appliance in which case feel free to call.

6.0 Items Not Covered By de-a-nay’s PASLA Contract:               
de-a-nay wants to operate a fair policy and therefore strives to ensure that every customer is treated equally, fairly and with respect under the terms of this PASLA Contract. All Contract fees are transparent and fairly applied. In order to realize quality service levels for all it is important to ensure that the service is not abused. Equally important is the need to maintain competitiveness by keeping the annual fee as low as possible. This allows for proper service levels to be applied across the scheme and rolled out to meeting bona fide customer needs. With this in mind the
following exclusions are included to help focus resources to achieving this goal.:-

6.1 Any item subjected to abuse or malicious damage.
6.2 Defects resulting from excessive wear and tear.
6.3 Defects occurring due to non compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines.
6.4 Replacement of light fittings.
6.5 Replacement of non standard electrical fittings/components.
6.6 Materials or component parts required to make a repair. All components and materials will be charged to you at cost.
6.7 Removal/replacement of fitted furniture.
6.8 Lifting/replacing floor coverings (i.e. carpeting, sheet vinyl or tiles, ceramic or quarry tiles, parka, laminates and specialists polished timber floor overlays etc).
6.9 Lifting replacing floorboards, or digging out and repairing of screed floors.
6.10 Moving and replacing large items of furniture.
6.11 Audio and video equipment  (“Brown Goods”), systems and/or aerial and satellite dish installations.
6.12 Power flushing of heating and primary hot water circuits.
6.13 Any delay in a repair occurring due to a part not being readily available?
6.14 Solar panels or wind turbines themselves are not covered under the terms of this contract. (However a personal quotation to include for any specific customer requirement can be provided)
6.15 Fridge/freezer compressors and recharging of refrigerant.
6.16 Force Majeure: The 2/4/24hr response time adversely affected by an act of God. de-a-any shall not be liable for any delay in performing or failure to perform  any of its obligations under this contract which occurs as a result of circumstances beyond it’s reasonable control (A Force Majeure Event) including (but not limited to) terrorist attacks, riots, fire, explosion, accidental damage, adverse weather conditions, power failures, non-availability of any third party components or equipment.

Please note that all work can be undertaken by De-A-nay to effect a repair even if outside the scope of the PASLA Contract. Such works may be covered by your home contents or building insurance policy.

de-a-nay believes that money spent on insurance cover for replacement of appliances (White Goods) within the first five years from new is money unwisely spent. Simply because the litmus test is that any right minded individual would expect an appliance to last for at least five years. That is not to say that appliances do not break down in the first five years and that it would be easy to make a case against a supplier should an appliance malfunction during this period.

De-A-nay’s PASLA simply aims to provide you with continuity of utility in making full use of an appliance for the expected life of the same, normally considered to be five years. Any fault, unless minor, occurring on an appliance of five years or older would generally be considered uneconomical to repair. In taking this tack De-A-nay is able to keep the nominal annual fee of the PASLA Contract competitive.

Many of you will be familiar with the quality of our work, but equally you may wish to engage the services of another company to undertake work in your home which is outside the scope of the PASLA Contract but covered by your household contents or buildings insurance policy.  In this instance you will not be entitled to a 10% discount  (See Clause 5.6) to a maximum equal to your insurance excess.  However, you should be conscious of the fact that not everyone is aware that they are entitled to employ the services of any company of their choice to undertake insurance covered repair work in their home.

7.0 Annual Fee & Charges: 
7.1   Your annual fee is made up of a standard base charge of £332.00 for any property having three or less bedrooms, and which has a gas boiler rated at 100,000 Btus or less.  This will be the case for most households. All fees exclude VAT at the prevailing rate.

In addition the following fees may apply depending upon your individual  circumstances:
7.2   If your boiler is rated between 100,000-130,000 BTUs add an additional £50.00
7.3   For any additional boiler or instantaneous gas hot water heater add £60.00
7.4   For a household of more than three bedrooms or one bathroom add £40.00 for the next and £20.00 for every subsequent bedroom or bathroom.
7.5   For the household housing a second kitchen  (Granny level/flat for example) add £50..00.
7.6   For a household situated within the congestion charge area add £40.00
7.7   For the first gas fire or DFE (Decorative Fuel Effect) fire add £50.00, and for any subsequent gas fire/DFE add £40.00 for each.
7.8   If your property is let and you require a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate add £60.00.
7.9   The attached costing sheet will help you work out your own personal Pasla Annual Fee. 

The additional fees above are discounted when compared to normal charges and include for boilers up to 130,000Btus. De-A-nay will be glad to furnish you with a separate PASLA quotation should you not have a gas boiler but have multiple gas fires/heaters, or if you have an electric boiler or gas boiler with a rating above 130,000Btus. 

8.0 Discounts Which May Apply:
8.1 You will be eligible for a discount of 10% off the base annual fee if the main householder is of retirement age or older.
8.2    A 10% discount will apply (off base annual fee) to any annual renewal and will remain in place  every  year following where the renewal is continuous. (NB: This is not a year on year discount but a one off  discount which will be applied every subsequent year.)
8.3 If a Pasla contract is purchased as a gift for a parent, immediate  family member (son or daughter) or charity organisation the 10% annual renewal discount will be brought forward and thus apply from the beginning of year one. (NB: A Pasla contract cannot usually be gifted to a friend but De-A-nay in some circumstances can make an exception.)

9.0 Payment Terms:
9.1 You can pay by sending a cheque directly to de-a-nay making it payable to De-a-nay.  Please write Pasla on the reverse of the cheque.
9.2 Or you can make your payment on line: Make the fee payable to  de-a-nay   (HSBC Account No. 31274260, Sort Code 40-42-01) confirming the amount paid via email to
pasla@de-a-nay.com reference the transaction using  Pasla and your initials followed by your full  post code.  (i.e. PASLA DM SE92HB)
9.3 Lastly, you can elect to set up a Standing Order for three number equal payments over three consecutive months to HSBC (Account No.31274260, Sort Code 40-42-01) confirming your decision and the amounts via email to
pasla@de-a-nay.com. Again reference the transaction using  Pasla and your initials followed by your full post code. (i.e. PASLA DM SE92HB)  Should the
annual fee not be devisable by three then your first payment should take up the difference.

10.0 Contract Commencement Date & Right To Cancel:
10.1 A contract will commence from the date payment cheque or transfer       
confirmation email is received..
10.3  A contract can be terminated at any time in writing and either sending       it   via post (De-A-nay.Fairfields, 121 Avery Hill Road, London SE9 2HB) or attaching a word doc. or PDF  to an email and  sending it to (
pasla@de-a-nay.com).  A monthly pro rata refund of the base fee less £75.00 will be issued to you within one month of cancellation. Cover will cease from the date your letter/email is received.
de-a-nay reserves the right to amend or add to these Terms & Conditions from time to time. The Terms & Conditions are available at all times for your convenience and viewing on our website.


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