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PASLA bestows to the customer continued maintenance and support, improved efficiency and continuity of utility, good advice and communications, and above all a reliable emergency backup for almost any household problem that can arise.

A targeted maximum two hour response time is set in place to attend any issue from the moment a message is left, email sent or call answered.

de-a-nay will provide you with immediate advice over the telephone to help safeguard you against any unnecessary damage or risk, and subsequently attend site within the time agreed or convenient for you, and within a maximum two hour time period for real emergencies, and in many cases this could be within the hour especially where  the emergency dictates that immediate attention is necessary.

The Pasla contract offers optimum cover for peace of mind, and Pasla subscribers receive added benefits and access to our "client forum". The forum together with de-a-nay's feedback option allows client members to mould the service  to meet the needs of their ever changing living and working lifestyle.

The Pasla annual contract base fee is extremely competitive and when adding to this a commitment to continued development targeted at maximising client convenience and minimising utility disruption it is second to none.



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